Whether for drama, entertainment, factual, news, children’s or music production, a workshop, studio or office – help and assistance on health and safety issues can be found here. Call us to discuss your needs.

Safety Advice

  • How to find your way through the minefield of health, safety, environmental and disability discrimination legislation
  • How to apply safe working practices and avoid loss of time and money avoiding accidents in general work, including:
  • Working at height – scaffolds, roofs, cliffs etc.
  • Safety on water – boats, diving etc.
  • Mountains and wilderness areas – climbing, high altitude, extreme weather etc.
  • Working on and around vehicles – tracking cars, racing circuits, motorbikes etc.
  • Putting on an event – pop concert, street fair or a military tattoo
  • Safety in workshops
  • Location and recce safety assessment
  • Personal safety/security
  • How to deal with short notice assignments for news gatherers/journalists/deployers/editors
  • Health and Safety Policies

Risk Assessments

Most people know that the law requires all work that is to be carried out must be risk-assessed and some sort of documentation produced but, many do not feel confident doing risk assessments nor fully understand what should happen after the assessment is done. You can either choose to be specifically trained on our UK Safety Passport approved training courses or take advantage of our risk assessment service and let the professionals do it for you. The following are some examples of the type of risk assessments we carry out: Film/TV Production work; Locations; Studios; Workshop; Fire Risks; Display Screen Equipment (DSE); Manual Handling.

Health and Safety Policies

Every employer must have a health and safety policy and if there are five or more employees, it must be written down. Most productions employ more than five persons and therefore have to have a policy document. Action Media Safety will write or review your safety policy and help you to implement it.

Training Courses

Health and safety is just common sense they say! Yes – but common sense is learned through experience and we don’t all get the same experiences and often we do not take heed of our common sense. Not all hazards or how to avoid them are commonly understood so best to learn from someone else’s mistakes before you make your own – that’s where good training comes in. Those who have attended adequate safety training are much less likely to have or cause an accident. A variety of courses are provided. See our Training Courses page.